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Balars Wholefoods, Wild Acre Farms, First Catch, The Dairy Press and Essentials are five brands that we personally endorse. They are exclusive to Service Foods and each one is produced to the highest standard and designed to cater to the current New Zealand demands. Service Foods is not just the distributor of these brands, but also the creator and chaperone of each label's entire process from farm to plate.

Balars Whole Foods
Wild Acre Farms
First Catch
Dairy Press
Balars Whole Foods


Herbs and spices have been the life-blood of the Balar family for over 140 years and Balar's Proper Ingredients have changed the way people cook in countries throughout the world. The ingredient you now hold in your hand is just one of the many that have passed through the hands of chefs across Europe, Australasia, South Africa and the Americas. Ingredients that are still grown the same way, with the same care, in the same authentic regions that they have for generations.

Wild Acre Farms

Taste The

Wild Acre Farms is a collective of similar minded people across New Zealand who still aspire to the old fashioned notions of simple, honest animal husbandry. Treat your stock well, be respectful to the land around you, so your family can continue to work the land as they have done for generations. You can see these ethics yourself by visiting any one of our farms, and you can taste the difference in every meat we produce

First Catch

New Zealander

...has a relationship with the ocean. We all have a story of holidays at the beach, early morning spear fishing or throwing a line as the tide turns late at night. Our connection with the sea is emotional; seafood is a reminder of who we are as a nation and how lucky we are to live here. So if you want to sell seafood to New Zealanders it has to be good.