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All of Service Foods customers aim to be the best; but they can only be the best at what they do if we aim to be the best at what we do as well. Food service is a business of symbiotic relationships where the success of everyone involved is directly tied to the success of everyone else. Delivering food is just the first part; we also have to deliver quality, innovation, sustainability and differentiation while we're at it

That's what we aim to do, and that's why we're known as the company behind every great chef.

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We are one of New Zealand's largest privately family owned and operated food service distribution businesses. We directly import over 4000 products from over 20 countries and supplement this with 8000 plus locally produced products.

We employ over 500+ team members, operate over 125 trucks and have 11 strategically placed branches across New Zealand. To ensure our service remains second to none we are also a key member of the CDNZ Group which connects us to a professional and trusted network of regional distributors offering additional coverage all over New Zealand; plus the benefits of significant Group buying power.


Our ambition is to not only be the best food service provider in New Zealand, but to go beyond the material aspects of the sector. Not to just do the normal everyday processes but to educate our customers on the various ways our products and services can help make a difference to the success of their business and the satisfaction of their customers at every opportunity.

Like the people we supply, our business is ever changing. But while products and innovation constantly evolve our focus will always remain on sourcing the right products, storing them correctly, picking them accurately and then delivering them to their destination in a controlled environment.

Food Safety
Health and Safety

The Service Foods fleet, Distribution Centres and Processing Units are all temperature controlled and the cleanliness of our operations and vehicles are second to none, with each Distribution Centre and Processing Unit also operating a separate HAACP food safety accredited system as well as our nationally managed health and safety system. None of our suppliers are exempt from this either and they all have to buy in to the high standard of the Service Foods system as a condition of any supply agreement with the understanding that they are then regularly audited to guarantee that their commitment is being met.

It's not just about the food, a large part of that system is to ensure that all staff are protected from workplace injuries and everyone in the Service Foods network is constantly re-trained on a strict process of operation to eliminate injuries from the workplace. Keep the people safe, keep the food safe. It's that simple.

A Flexible
Ordering System

our customer service representatives are ready to take your order and assist with foodservice solutions for your business over the phone.


and leave a message- if you perform your ordering outside of our office hours then you can narrate your order on our answering machine, the messages will be cleared ongoing.


orders will be received and entered into our system and we will get in touch if there are any issues related to your order.


to reduce errors and speed up ordering please log on to www.servicefoodsonline.kiwi to setup web ordering.